Identity Mixer

I started exploring the camera and playing with all its possibilities. While discussing this with a friend, I found the key to creating this project: take different photos for each camera feature, then put the images together, like placing jigsaw pieces into a single puzzle. In the end, I decided to use only the most spectacular lens, the one that allowed you to focus at 10 cm – unthinkable for any instant camera – to photograph parts of faces. With the different parts of faces, I started to create new expressions.

The first experiment was on the street, where the right side of a friend’s face and the left side of another friend’s face met accidentally. But fantastic puzzle examples using an instant camera already exist. Maurizio Galimberti did this, photographing just one person and then reassembling a picture with different points of view. In my case, I tried to mix different people into one single face.

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